Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sweet Dreams

I 'm pretty tired and I wanted to say good night, sleep tight, and pleasant doggy dreams to all! Oh by the way, I decided to crash on mom and dad's bed. Mom said it was ok for me to stay for a while and she even covered me with my favorite blanket. Thanks mom!

Oh and don't worry about Ciena, cause she crashed by the couch in the tv room, but she'll sneak in later. By the morning, I'll be on my dog bed all stretched out and she will have taken over mom and dad's bed. Just check it out, it almost looks like she had a wild night out, but she sleeps like that a lot! I told you she's kinda goofy!!!!

Till the next time, paws up and "yawn"..........high five!

Chewy Man 🐕

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