Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Who Sleeps????

Hey Guys,

I'm dragging my tail today cause I had a hard time sleeping last night. Just ask my dad, he'll tell you I was wandering the house all night! I dragged his slipper around, then my blanket cause I went to sleep by the front door and boy it's cold out there!!!!!!! Then I came back to the bedroom to see what else I could find and everyone was sleeping including Ciena (she's so boring)! So in the dark, I snuck out my e-reader to read a story, pretty good huh? That finally worked and I finally fell asleep 😴.  Check it out!!!!

P.S. Here is an interesting fact that I found, did you know that dogs sleep 12-14 hours in a 24 hour period. We sleep on average about 8 hours a night and nap between 4 to 6 hours a day. And mom thinks that we're lazy dogs sleeping in the day, ha what does she know?! Till next time, paws up and high five!!!

Chewy Man 🐕

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Wonderful Sunday!



Happy day it's not raining today which means that daddy will take us for a walk.....yeah!!!  Plus, it's Sunday and that means my mom and dad will be having eggs for breakfast. Okay so you ask yourself why would I think that this is so special? Cause when they're done eating, my mom scrapes out the egg residue from the pan and puts it on her plate. Then me and Ciena take turns licking and cleaning her plate, yum!!!! I know you think that's probably pretty-gross, but mom's not stupid, she uses her fine china, paper plates!

Since today is kinda quiet, I thought that I would share some of my knowledge and wisdom. So, I nosed though the internet or I guess you could say I was browsing the "net" and I found a quote for you all, so that you will realize how great we are! (Cats are pretty cool too!) It's by Emily Dickinson, an American Poet, who obviously appreciated us canines!

"Dogs are better than human beings because they know, but do not tell"

HA! Till the next time, it's paws up and high five!!!

Chewy Man 🐕

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sweet Dreams

I 'm pretty tired and I wanted to say good night, sleep tight, and pleasant doggy dreams to all! Oh by the way, I decided to crash on mom and dad's bed. Mom said it was ok for me to stay for a while and she even covered me with my favorite blanket. Thanks mom!

Oh and don't worry about Ciena, cause she crashed by the couch in the tv room, but she'll sneak in later. By the morning, I'll be on my dog bed all stretched out and she will have taken over mom and dad's bed. Just check it out, it almost looks like she had a wild night out, but she sleeps like that a lot! I told you she's kinda goofy!!!!

Till the next time, paws up and "yawn"..........high five!

Chewy Man 🐕

It's Raining Us!


Hey I'm Back!

I hope that my canine and feline friends forgive me, but it's raining cats and dogs outside today! I guess you figured that out by my picture of me with my umbrella, HA!

I keep telling my mom that I HATE to go out to the bathroom in the rain. But, just to humor her, I peed on a bush and then I wouldn't do anything else! Check out my cool attitude!!!

I kinda had to close my eyes a little bit cause of the rain getting into them, but I stood firm and wouldn't poop. Pretty funny cause mom had to stand there too waiting for me and she looked, (excuse the expression) like a drowned rat! Well she finally gave up and brought me in and dried me off. I laugh cause when she takes us out after dinner, I'll make her wait again if it's raining! Of course Ciena isn't even bothered by this weather and she goes like a good little girl, but what fun would it be if we were both good dogs!

Till later, paws up and high five!!!!!

Chewy Man 🐕

Monday, January 21, 2019

Good Grief It's Cold Outside!

OMG! It may have stopped raining today, but it's freaking freezing outside! Boy was it ever hard going out to the bathroom this morning cause the wind chill made it feel like it was 10 degrees below zero! Mom tried to get us to hurry up, but you know that you can only go so fast. Besides she was all bundled up and we didn't even have our sweaters on cause we got too big for them. I guess she figures that we will keep warm because we got fur, sure keep thinking! So mom tried to put these silly head pieces on us to keep at least our ears warm...…good luck we yanked them off! Just check out these crazy pictures, you'd yank them off too! Thank goodness, mom had the good taste to put a Notre Dame headband on me! Look at silly Ciena with a visor on, I can't stop laughing! I'm glad it wasn't me wearing that goofy visor!!!! Oh heck, she does look pretty cute and she's my sister so I shouldn't make fun of her, ya right!

Till the next commentary, it's paws up and high five!

Chewy Man 🐕

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Rain Can So Annoying!


Hey, I'm back!
Today is a crummy day cause it's raining out and dad said that we gotta wait for another day to go for a walk! That stinks!!! So, mom said we could play with our toys and have some cookies. You see, I really love my mom, but she takes our toys away at night and "puts them to bed". Sure she's "putting them to bed", she's just being mom putting them away cause she doesn't like it when me and Ciena run around the house in the middle of the night with our toys and wake everyone up! Parents!!! Sometimes their no fun!!!!!!

Ok so speaking of Ciena, I thought that now is the time to introduce her to you officially, so I'm adding a picture of the little punk.

Don't let that sweet face fool you cause she may look like an angel, but she really can be a trouble maker, like when she steals my toys even when she has her own. Case in point, she's a ball freak and when we play, she takes my ball with hers and jams them both in her mouth and runs away. She keeps them between her paws so I can't get one, so mom has to go get a third ball just for me! Can you believe it? Then there's the morning when mom is doing the breakfast dishes and Ciena sneaks up behind her and barks which startles mom and I laugh. If mom ignores her barking, then she steals mom's dish towels hanging from the oven bar and runs around the house with them. Even though mom thinks that this little act is pretty funny, it still makes more laundry for her to do. I guess mom will never learn to hang the towels where the girl can't get at the them! Oh well, stay warm and dry and may tomorrow be sunny. Paws up and high five!!!

Chewy Man 🐕

Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Day in the Life of Chewy

I'm Chewy and this is the start of my adventures at the Jersey Shore! As you can see I'm a pretty cool dude, just check out my sunglasses.... gets the babes every time! Well maybe not the babes, but those humans love my look.

Now, let me fill you in on some of my background before I go any further. I live with my mom, dad and this creature they call my sister who's not even a Labrador retriever like me, but a wacko Golden retriever. Her name is Ciena and she's a year younger than me. Sometimes my mom and dad call her Cecil or C.C. Silly right, calling her a boy's name like Cecil, but she likes it, I guess? Sometimes they call me Chewbacca, cause when I run around the house with a toy in my mouth, I make the same sounds as him, pretty neat huh?

So, I was the first one in this family, yet my sister thinks that she's a queen and runs this household. I just let her think that she's some kind of royalty cause I know that she's goofy. Well enough about her and back to me. I'm five years old which is about 35 years in human years, so you could say I'm in the prime of my life. I like to stay in shape so I love it when my dad takes us for walks, except for when Ciena runs up and body slams me which she does a lot during the walk (she can be a pain)! Even though I am slim and trim, I'm a food junkie and I am always looking to eat and when my sister misses a cookie tossed to her, I grab it right up. Like they say, you snooze you lose! I have a great singing voice and sometimes for no reason, I just like to howl and it makes my mom crazy and she yells at me to stop, but I don't listen, I just gotta let it out! I'm also an early to bed and early to rise kind a guy. You see after my last pee at night, I casually slip off to the bedroom and stretch out on my bed or my mom and dad's bed, it depends on my mood. Then my mom covers me up with my blanket as I drift off to sweet doggy dreams. I even let Ciena share the bedroom with me because I really do love her and sometime she keeps me warm.

Now that you know about me somewhat, I can provide you with my profound knowledge and wisdom of my life here at the Jersey Shore going forward. Until next time, paws up and high five!!

Chewy Man! 🐕