Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Wonderful Sunday!



Happy day it's not raining today which means that daddy will take us for a walk.....yeah!!!  Plus, it's Sunday and that means my mom and dad will be having eggs for breakfast. Okay so you ask yourself why would I think that this is so special? Cause when they're done eating, my mom scrapes out the egg residue from the pan and puts it on her plate. Then me and Ciena take turns licking and cleaning her plate, yum!!!! I know you think that's probably pretty-gross, but mom's not stupid, she uses her fine china, paper plates!

Since today is kinda quiet, I thought that I would share some of my knowledge and wisdom. So, I nosed though the internet or I guess you could say I was browsing the "net" and I found a quote for you all, so that you will realize how great we are! (Cats are pretty cool too!) It's by Emily Dickinson, an American Poet, who obviously appreciated us canines!

"Dogs are better than human beings because they know, but do not tell"

HA! Till the next time, it's paws up and high five!!!

Chewy Man 🐕

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