Monday, February 11, 2019

Chilly Chewy Dog! (Oh and Ciena too!)

🐾Hey Guys!

February is a crazy month, you never know what the weather can bring. Today is a snow day, but who cares cause we don't go to school anyways! So here's a doggone funny joke for you:

🐶 What do you call a cold dog?

🐶 A Chilli dog!

I know, I know........ pretty lame joke, but it's all over the internet! So check out our new winter gear to go out in!

Maybe we should wake up first!

Now that's better, don't ya think?!
We're ready to hit the snow tails....oops I mean snow trails!!!!

Till whenever, it's paws up and high five!!!

Chewy Man 🐕

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